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Yarn Bombing



Who knew yarn could bring such drama?

Posted by yarnigami on 1 May, 2014 at 20:00

As the yarn bombing at Scribbles is winding down, I am excited to be working on my own projects again.  This week I got an email from the Knitting for Those in Need group that one of the owners of Scribbles got an email and a call from the city lawyer that said they must take down the yarn bomb on the tree out front and might be liable for damages to it.  Though it was due to come down in May - it was taken down that night.  My guess is that someone complained about it loud enough for the city to react.

Funny though, I had a tree covered on Main Street for almost a year and never heard a peep.  I took it down myself at that point because I did not want the tree to have any lasting effects and the yarn was getting worn and faded at that point as well.

Another photo was posted on facebook under "You Know you are from Kent if/when..." and 144 comments later people have had great discussions again about art and Kent and community.

The best thing about yarn bombing is the conversation.

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